She was the girl who wasn´t in a hurry to excel she believed safety and strength came from within irrespective of the colour of the belt you wore. People ought to respect her for what was on the inside for that was what mattered she said touching her heart with her hand.
Jennifer didn´t believe people to be evil especially those that practised Budo-kampsports, but she was wrong. On the 20th June 2001 a karate trainer strangled our daughter to death.
Jennifer was 18 years 5 months and 1 day old when he decided to end her life.

A wonderful girl who enjoyed hearty discussions, she had a heart of gold and was tenderness personified. She genuinely cared for others and wished everyone well. She was a kind soul and easily shed a tear for others. She had both empathy and the capacity to laugh like few and what a laugh she had ! such a wonderful catching laughter, Oh! how we used to laugh. Everyday I either wrote or said "Have a good day, take care there is only one Jennifer like you, I love you". Today I am so glad I said those things even though Jennifer at times thought it a bit silly.

The Wado-Ryu karate girl who loved her sport, the girl who was thrilled when she was given the responsibility to instruct others, both adults and children.